I used to spend most of my time on holiday pretending I was working, and working pretending I was on holiday, which has been a very fortunate way to discover the world.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

London & Bath/ England

Touring London
Say Hello To Queen Elizabeth
Thames river
Heading off to Piccadilly Circus
Bath, outside London (45mins by train). Stayed with Emily. I met her 2 cute kids also. I have to say the weather was COLD - COLD - COLD, brrrrr. Bath is beautiful. Plenty of history, quite, clean, neat, far from the noisy London, but still accessible by road or train. Here some photos. I'll post better version of them a.s.a I get the scanned versions.

Bath Abbey
Bath Botanical Garden
Bath Botanical Garden
With Emily's sons in Bath Botanical Garden
Emily cooked dinner for me.
At Emily's. My face doesn't show I was in fact freezing that night.

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